Shurhold Scrubber Pad (2 Pack)


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Remove the worst stains or growth with these tough Scrubber Pads! They can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, from buffing wood to removing bottom paint.

Three different textures  (fine, medium, coarse) for varying types of surfaces. Each texture is sold as a 2-pack, and the base is sold separately.  These pads fit the Shurhold Swivel Pad Base (#1700)  Pads are 4.5" x 10".

  • Fine: (Item# 1701) white pad for light teak cleaning, scrubbing non-skid surfaces and other durable surfaces
  • Medium: (Item# 1702) blue pad for general teak cleaning
  • Coarse: (Item# 1703) brown pad for heavy duty teak cleaning and bottom paint preparation